2021 Lewis & Clark Experience: A New Way Forward
May 18-20, 2021 Skamania Lodge Stevenson, WA

Come to transform. Leave to lead.

What does it take to enter the unknown in order to discover a new way forward? To take uncertainty and turn it into opportunity? To lead the way for your team when the future is a complete mystery.

History is full of examples of leaders who did just this in order to create a new path for those who followed. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark left behind comfort and certainty to undertake a journey of discovery. Perhaps nowhere in history is this more clearly illustrated than in the story of Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery during their legendary Lewis and Clark Expedition. They went beyond the bounds of what is known in order to forge a new path across uncharted territory. They chose to lead others into uncertainty, knowing that it would result in greater opportunity.

For today’s leaders, guiding a team through uncertainty is no longer a choice, but a necessity. They are required to Lead the Way for their teams and organizations.

Investment: $2,800

Who Should Attend?

The Lewis & Clark Experience is designed for a diverse audience to build a learning team that will benefit from each other's unique perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and levels of leadership experience. It is for all professionals aspiring to utilize the power of collaboration and diversity to achieve greater results. We welcome the following positions and more!

  • C-Suite*
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Training & Development Leaders
  • Entry Level Managers
  • Middle Management
  • High-Potentials
  • Young Professionals

*If you’re interested in attending a Lewis & Clark Experience program designed exclusively for board members and C-Suite executives we still offer the highly-rated Governance-level version of the program: Into the Unknown, Journey of Discovery in Great Falls, Montana. Click here to learn more.

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If you would like to discuss the program further, please email lisa.cavanaugh@fccservices.com.

Leadership Lessons

  • Vision

    Setting a clear and powerful vision and communicating it to your team

  • Building your Team

    Creating a culture of trust and building a strong and cohesive team

  • Overcoming Obstacles

    Utilizing knowledge and insight from others and preparing to tackle obstacles seen and unseen

  • Resilience

    Responding to emerging challenges and opportunities and maintaining a high level of adaptive resilience

  • Milestones

    Acknowledging growth and transformation and celebrating victories along the way


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