Employee Engagement

Understanding and Optimizing Your Workforce

Employee Engagement

Fully engage your workforce and you fuel your organization’s future.

With actionable intelligence regarding your workforce, you can drive business results. FCC Services provides organizations like yours the customized program needed to gain that vital information, assess gaps and develop a sustainable engagement strategy. We not only bring targeted data and proven tools to the task, we deliver industry-specific and comparable company insight that can help you know with confidence whether your employees are ready for the challenges ahead.

With our tools, you know—completely and with confidence—what’s working and why.

Studies show that engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer focused, prioritize safety, and more likely to resist temptations to leave. Moreover, their desire to help the company succeed makes them more willing to invest the discretionary effort required to make that happen. Leading organizations are maximizing this energy by making employee engagement an ongoing priority, not an annual exercise. By taking a multi-faceted approach that plays to strengths, they can address problem areas and improve employee engagement organization-wide, turning it into a competitive advantage.

Our surveys do more than assess, measure and identify. They connect.

We measure the following categories: 

We generally follow a 5-step process in working with our clients that includes survey design, survey administration, reporting, data interpretation and communication, action/commitment planning, and employee focus groups.


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