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10 Principles of Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is a powerful approach to developing engaged employees and teams. By embodying a desire to serve rather than control, servant leaders create an environment that builds trust, increases productivity and lowers employee turnover, ultimately resulting in better customer care.

  1. Listening: Servant leaders initiate two-way communication and listen effectively to others’ viewpoints, taking their words to heart and thereby encouraging them to feel valued and trusted.
  2. Empathy: Servant leaders strive to understand others’ experiences and offer help and support to make them successful.
  3. Healing: Servant leaders work to heal individual relationships, teams and their organizations, including after significant external or internal events such as an employee leaving.
  4. Awareness: Servant leaders develop both self awareness and awareness of others, either intuitively or through assessment tools, and make changes in their own behaviors and how they communicate with others to accommodate different personality and communication styles.
  5. Persuasion: Servant leaders work to convince others of the validity of their viewpoints rather than issuing authoritarian dictates.
  6. Conceptualization: Servant leaders have the ability to balance long-term goals with the short term, examining the “big picture” while also considering relevant details.
  7. Foresight: Servant leaders develop foresight to analyze lessons learned from past situation and apply them to present situations and consider how they will affect the future.
  8. Stewardship: Servant leaders focus on active community service, to give their employees a sense of satisfaction and contribution to a community project.
  9. Building Community: Servant leaders are good citizens, both within and outside their organizations. They work across their organizations to develop communities that supersede characteristics that could alternately divide their teams: across functions, generations, gender, race and other differentiators.
  10. Commitment to Growth of People: Servant leaders believe in their employees, investing in their growth and hiring from within to help individuals and the organization grow and improve organically.

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