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2020 Conferences

For years, individuals and businesses alike have looked ahead to the year 2020, a beacon for a new decade that promised new technologies and possibilities. FCC Services’ 2020 conference series is formulated to support leaders and organizations as they adapt, prepare and plan to meet the promise and challenge of the new decade.

“It’s imperative that businesses think about how they’re going to thrive in the decade to come, which through continued technology advances will undoubtedly grow even more disruptive and chaotic than we’ve seen in recent years,” says Jean Cantey Segal, Chief Learning Officer for FCC Services. “Our conferences this year are focused on helping our attendees think about how they can leapfrog forward to acquire the essential skills for success in the current and evolving business environment.”

Themed 20/20 Vision and Beyond, this year’s conferences will hone in on leadership and communication skills needed in today’s world, while also helping expand attendees’ thinking to what the next decade will bring to and demand of its successful business operations.

“Our workplaces, teams and individual employees will need to build new skills and competencies to thrive and respond to the marketplace, and our conferences will offer key learnings in these areas,” says Stephanie Barton, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Account Management.

Each conference is built around a defined focus area specific to the attendee audience, and incorporates FCC Services’ historical programming excellence along with new concepts and approaches:

Underpinning the audience-specific content at each conference will be keynote speakers whose messages will inspire leaders to shift their thinking to considering how they are positioned for the future beyond 2020.

“Our keynote speakers each bring a unique viewpoint and approach to encouraging leaders to assess their leadership style and to identify how to better align with a dynamic workforce and build an effective cultural framework to attract high-caliber talent and serve their diverse marketplace,” says Joette Cross, Vice President of Event Management with FCC Services. “Combined with the topical breakout sessions, our conference content is designed to inspire new thinking about how best to position for the current environment and for the years and decade to come.”

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