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Aligning Sales and Marketing (and we’re all in sales and marketing)

Marketing and sales don’t always work hand in hand.  

Sales and marketing have long been siloed. In practice, though, sales and marketing need to work in tandem, aligning their roles and goals to ensure that revenue generation is clearly the responsibility of both teams.

Misalignment can significantly impact revenue with lost sales and wasted marketing dollars.  However, organizations willing to spend the time to get their sales and marketing teams on the same page show tremendous wins.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 

“Organizations that successfully align sales and marketing achieve 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher win rates.”

Today, it is critical to assess whether your connection to the customer is desirable, memorable and shareable (yes, this means around the community – literally and digitally).

To better align your sales and marketing efforts, we recommend the five Cs of Collaboration: Culture and C-Suite, Content, Channels and Connections.  We can adjust our thinking to learn from the new customer mindset. The questions below can help you get started.

Culture and C-Suite

You always start at the top. The first step in aligning sales and marketing teams takes commitment at the C-level of the company, then an agreement with your marketing and sales leaders. 


Involve sales in your content development. For sales professionals looking to engage customers and convert sales, relevant and high-quality content has proven more effective than promoting products.


Capitalize on the customer journey to serve them with the right information, on the right channels, at the right points in the sales process.  Start with the target customer – when customer goals and challenges are well-understood, you can deploy messaging in an aligned fashion on all your channels, including internal communications.


Make meaningful connections from your products and services to the customer. Rethink lead generation and replace it with meaningful conversations and relevant experiences. Mapping your customer journey from prospect to loyal customer creates understanding regarding the connections and experiences you need to develop.

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