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Board and Peer Evaluations – Best Practices in Governance

To be fully effective, it’s essential that boards of directors take time to look internally, as a group and as individuals, to ensure that they’re doing the best job they can for their organization, and to identify areas for improvement that can contribute to better long-term success. In some sectors, including Farm Credit, annual self-evaluation is a regulatory requirement, a requirement now shared by companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In the cooperative sector, there is a growing trend for progressive boards to undertake board evaluation as well.

“Board self-evaluation, and to a growing extent director peer evaluation, have become best practices in corporate and cooperative governance because of their important role in building and maintaining board effectiveness,” says Leslie Hilton, Vice President of Governance/Board Development with FCC Services.

FCC Services offers a variety of services to support board evaluation and assessment that capitalize on our expertise in cooperative governance. We work through a collaborative and comprehensive approach to help boards target performance indicators across the diversity of board effectiveness categories, including structural practices, strategic and performance orientation, governance and organization focus, and board functioning and dynamics. Our services include:

To schedule an initial conversation about FCC Services’ board self-evaluation, peer evaluation and board competency analysis, contact Leslie Hilton at

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