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Cyber Strategy and Security Through TriCorps

Digital transformation is the roughly fifty-year period where everything, including business processes, are moving from physical to digital. This transformative landscape brings forth both opportunities and risks:  opportunities for new products, efficiencies and levels of service, and risks from security breaches that can drain funds and endanger customer information.

Passkey partner TriCorps is a leading provider of services that meet each of these challenges. Its digital strategy services assist companies in planning how best to implement and utilize technology. Its cyber security services help companies enact the best technology solutions to protect their data. In both of these areas, TriCorps offers an extensive array of education services to help leaders successfully and safely navigate digital transformation. [Please see related Services Spotlight article.]

“We talk of our expertise in terms of ‘prosper’ and ‘protect,’ or offense and defense, and we believe both mindsets are essential for businesses today,” says Scott Klososky, a founding partner of TriCorps. 

TriCorps brings a wealth of experience in supporting banks and credit unions and is already working with several Farm Credit organizations to identify how technology can best enable effective business strategies. In some cases, this may include automating processes, from loan applications to sending birthday greetings, to freeing up human energy for building more personal relationships with customers. Other strategies focus on making it easier for customers to conduct their business, or implementing data gathering and analysis to provide proprietary insights to customers to help them improve their operations. 

“We’re very good at helping our customers understand what’s happening in technology and how to invest their money appropriately to build and execute on digital strategies that help them stay in front of their competition,” says Scott. 

The cyber defense side of TriCorps’ offerings addresses protecting an organization’s data from outside damage via hackers, an all-too-common event reported in the news, as well as internal threats from employees, such as someone taking data when they leave for another position. As a 3rd party security firm, TriCorps conducts audits, assesses current policies and makes recommendations for best practices. TriCorps also helps to train and test employees on threats and how best to avoid them, keeping organizations safer from the increasing risk of cybercrime.  

“Cyber security is a growing issue, and boards of directors are rightly concerned about this risk area,” says Scott. “There’s a lot of new information, new practices and new governance needed, and we can help organizations put the right defensive strategy in place.” 

With technology constantly evolving, staying aware and educated can be a challenge. TriCorps’ education services cover topics ranging from blockchain and artificial intelligence to robotics and drones, all of which will have an impact on Farm Credit organizations, ag cooperatives and their customers. Education solutions are tailored to each customer’s needs, and can be delivered via video conferencing or onsite, with durations ranging from four hours to two days.

“We have a unique strength in education and helping leaders understand what’s going on in the tech arena,” says Scott. “We find that it’s more valuable to help our clients learn what’s going on with technology as a foundation for discussing future strategies.” 

Scott offers unique insight to Farm Credit and agricultural cooperatives: he’s been a farmer, himself, and also a Farm Credit customer-owner. He’s brought this perspective to his presentations at many Farm Credit System events.

“When it comes to agriculture and Farm Credit, I’m an insider, one who happens to be in technology,” says Scott. “I understand the world and the customers, and can identify how technology can be applied to help organizations remain successful in the face of competition and change.” 

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