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From developing new skills to completing required training, Passkey Partner DigitalChalk offers a comprehensive, turnkey eLearning platform that supports organizations’ learning and development programs and delivers personalized, scalable and cost-effective training. 

“Continuous learning in the workplace has always been beneficial, but it’s become even more imperative in today’s fast moving and fast changing business environment,” says Stephanie Barton, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Account Management. “Offering a robust learning and development program also demonstrates commitment to your employees and increases retention.” 

Digital Chalk’s training platform delivers multi-media courses to any digital device, so every employee can learn where they want, when they want. Their extensive business training library of thousands of pre-packaged courses includes everything from software and compliance training to business skills like leadership and presentation, decision-making and negotiation, and communication skills like active listening, persuasive communication and writing.

“Digital Chalk offers such a wide range of courses that every employee can find something to help them develop skills and abilities they need on the job today and to prepare them for future career options,” says Heather Tseng, Affinity Program Sales & Marketing Manager at FCC Services. 

The DigitalChalk training platform also provides integrated course development tools so organizations can quickly and easily create custom courses. The training experience can be tailored to offer in-person training, live webinars or packaged programs for self-paced learning; course modules can be created in a variety of formats, including video, audio, slides, web pages and files; tests and assessments can be added to ensure comprehension; and progress can be rewarded and motivated with custom badges, points, leaderboards and certificates. 

Managers and leaders can register individual employees or groups of employees for specific training, supported with custom notifications, bulletins and emails to registered employees. The system offers a wide array of integrated reports, or training data can be exported to create training reports. It also supports custom rules to create personalized learning and development plans to guide learner progress.

“Our platform is extremely user-friendly at every level, from administrators to managers to end-users, and is consistently rated in the top 10 in the learning industry,” says Dan Salerno, Vice President of Sales at Digital Chalk. “I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Farm Credit organizations through conferences and direct relationships for more than 10 years, and it’s extremely exciting to now bring Digital Chalk’s solutions to the Passkey program.”  

About Passkey

Powered by FCC Services and backed by a 20-year track record, Passkey leverages the collective purchasing power of cooperatives, associations, public entities and industry groups to negotiate significant discounts with national partners. 

Discounts include business service solutions as well as many personal discounts available to the employees and boards of participating organizations, from car rentals and vacations to telecom services and office supplies. With no cost to participate, we invite you to join the program.

For more information about Passkey, visit our website or contact Heather Tseng, Passkey Sales and Marketing Manager, via email or by calling 303.903.8544.

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