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IBM Kenexa Provides Skill Assessment Tools

Technology has become an inherent part of the business world, from instant communication via email to video conferencing to coordinate projects across locations. Productivity in this environment demands proficiency in using technology, whether someone is a receptionist or an executive. Many positions list such proficiency in specific software such as Excel or Word as a minimum requirement, but it’s difficult to ascertain from a resume and an interview exactly what skill level a potential hire has. 

The IBM Kenexa ProveIt! skills tests are designed to take the guesswork out of this assessment, letting employers know exactly what skills a new hire will have when they walk in the door. Prove It! offers hundreds of online skills tests, including everything from computer programming languages to accounting practices to call center skills. Each test assesses an individual’s skill level on a specific tool or in a specific role, rating them as basic, intermediate or advanced. Results are further broken down by topic area, listing which questions were answered incorrectly and the length of time each section took to complete.

Farm Credit of New Mexico has used Prove It! tests for the Microsoft Office suite of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the past several years. Whether to administer the tests, or how many to administer, is left up to the individual hiring manager, but Georgiana Contreras, AVP and Director of Human Resources, encourages their use. 

“We had a few hires who didn’t have the skill set we expected,” Georgiana says. “Since these skills are growing more and more important, we believe it’s equally important that we objectively confirm that someone we’re considering hiring has the right skill set and will be able to perform their job effectively.” 

FCC Services has purchased a block of tests that are available for repurchase by Farm Credit organizations through the National Discount Program. Each test costs $15 to administer. For more information or to purchase a test, contact Beth Oliphant, Recruitment and Selection Specialist, at 316.733.4431 or via email

“The Prove It! tests are reasonably priced and deliver a significant amount of information about an individual’s skill sets,” Beth says. “Combined with other recruitment tools like background checks, interviews and personality and cognitive assessments, they can help organizations make wiser hiring decisions.”

For more information on the National Discount Program and what services and discounts are available, go to

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