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New Partner Announcement: Land Broker Co-op

Are your marketing and advertising efforts targeting the right prospects? Do your marketing dollars have a strong ROI? Are you generating high-quality leads? Land Broker Co-op offers Farm Credit the opportunity to market directly to those integrally involved with land buyers and sellers every day: rural land brokers. These brokers can help direct buyers to utilize Farm Credit, the experts in funding farm and land purchases.

Land Broker Co-op is a broker/agent-owned cooperative featuring an MLS system and more. Land Broker Co-op showcases tens of thousands of land listings across the U.S. It is the preferred platform of many of the top land brokerages in the country.

By partnering with Land Broker Co-op, you will reliably reach the best land brokers in your area. The brokers will refer you to their clients. Land Broker Co-op is currently offering exclusive advertising opportunities for Farm Credit, at a 20% discount through the Passkey Program.

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