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Land Broker Co-op

Even in these difficult times, farmers, ranchers and recreational land owners are buying and selling rural parcels across the country. Passkey Partner Land Broker Co-op helps buyers and sellers connect through its cooperative network of land brokers, and also offers Farm Credit organizations advertising opportunities to help build awareness to support new lending relationships – connecting Farm Credit lenders with the very land brokers who recommend financing options to their clients.

Land Broker Co-op manages a national database of rural land available for purchase, brought to market by member land brokers across the country on behalf of their clients. Like Farm Credit and thousands of ag co-ops, Land Broker Co-op brings its members the power of group purchasing and other benefits – including easy access to current listings to help buyers find the right piece of land.

Each of the thousands of land sales closed every year is an opportunity for Farm Credit organizations that make farmland and country living loans, as buyers look for the right lender to fund their purchase.

“We realized early on that Farm Credit, as a fellow cooperative operating in this same industry, was the perfect partner – they understand what our brokers do every day, and can bring a lot of value to our broker-members and their clients,” says Dan Hatfield, a Texas land broker working with Land Broker Co-op. “Our broker and agent members can also bring value to Farm Credit, as they work directly with the people to buy and sell land every day and talk with their buyers about finding the right financing.”

Land Brokers’ MLS system has more than 50,000 land listings, and sees a lot of traffic that represents a lot of sales. Farm Credit has exclusive rights to advertise on the website, putting associations’ name in front of the right brokers – advertising and listings are geo-coded, so only the local or regional Farm Credit organization’s ad will appear when a broker views any individual parcel for sale. System associations that cooperate in regional marketing initiatives can also purchase state-wide advertising.

“We offer Farm Credit organizations a very targeted marketing opportunity to help initiate new relationships with rural land buyers and our brokers,” says Dan. “In a crunch time like we’re experiencing now, every advertising dollar counts, and our website offers direct access to the land brokers who are still out there every day, helping their clients buy land.”

For more information about Land Broker MLS, visit the Land Broker website, or contact Heather Tseng, FCC Services Affinity Program Sales & Marketing Manager, at

About Passkey

Powered by FCC Services and backed by a 20-year track record, Passkey leverages the collective purchasing power of cooperatives, associations, public entities and industry groups to negotiate significant discounts with national partners.

Discounts include business service solutions as well as many personal discounts available to the employees and boards of participating organizations, from car rentals and vacations to telecom services and office supplies. With no cost to participate, we invite you to join the program.

For more information about Passkey, visit our website or contact Heather Tseng, Passkey Sales and Marketing Manager, via email or by calling 303.903.8544.

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