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New Partner Announcement: TriCorps Technologies

Introducing a NEW Partner in Passkey (formerly the National Discount Program)

TriCorps Technologies is a firm specializing in technology-strategy with corporate offices in Oklahoma City and resources across the United States. They have been helping organizations become world class at leveraging technology to create a competitive advantage and protect their digital assets for more than 10 years and have years beyond this in collective experience across their team.

TriCorps Technologies work with organizations in many industries, from medium-sized to multi-billion-dollar international entities. Their focus is simple: develop winning strategies, educate clients on market-leading best practices, and support them in implementing these strategies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Their team of technology consultants can advise or educate your team to improve enterprise architecture and automate processes.

Organizations must continually improve how they balance the use of technology with the human element of business processes. Mastery of this will result in long-term prosperity and security. The economy will favor leaders who excel at executing thought-leading strategies and will punish those who believe they can tread water. 

TriCorps Technologies is excited to be part of the Passkey Program. Stay tuned for exclusive education and benefits for Passkey Members throughout the coming months. We’d love to schedule an appointment to discuss consulting services, a private workshop or even to book a speaker for your next event.

For more information about TriCorps Technologies, visit

If you have questions about Passkey or TriCorps Technologies, please contact Heather Tseng, Passkey Program Sales and Marketing Manager at or 303.903.8544.

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