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The ongoing technology evolution, with change and advancements coming ever more quickly, presents both challenges and opportunities to businesses focused on delivering for their customers. Passkey Partner RevGen is a business and technology consulting firm focused on helping its clients navigate today’s disruptive business environment and create a path to thrive with services that span analytics and insights, customer experience, and digital enablement.

RevGen has been supporting Farm Credit organizations for nearly eight years, gaining deep insight over their more than 100 individual System projects. They’ve helped System entities navigate and embrace changes to improve business operations and strengthen customer relationships, with a focus on positioning them to respond to continued change into the future.

Farm Credit of New Mexico had this to say about their experience with RevGen:

“Our work with RevGen Partners included the creation of a continuous process improvement framework, development of an organizational effectiveness roadmap, and strategic business planning. RevGen Partners provided training, coaching, and hands-on support for each of our specific services requested. Our work with RevGen has helped us improve our business processes, prioritize business initiatives, and plan for our future at a much higher level than ever before. From the early results of our work with RevGen, we have improved our delivery time performance from 56% to 80% - a 42% improvement! We have accomplished this while improving employee engagement and have established business initiatives that will strategically lead us into the future.”

RevGen’s services fall into three areas.

  1. Customer experience: RevGen helps clients implement technology to meet evolving customer expectations about how they want to do business. These solutions can help Farm Credit clients compete with other providers by improving loan origination, sales enablement and CRM processes, and building or modernizing mobile access to customer data and online banking tools.
  2. Analytics and insights: Capturing and analyzing data about operation and customers provides insights to inform strategic decision making. RevGen works with clients to identify how to gather and use data to improve processes to support customer service and employee engagement.
  3. Digital enablement: At the core of its services, RevGen works to leverage technology to improve both the customer and the employee experience, by designing and implementing the right strategic technology solution to achieve their client’s objectives. RevGen also works with post-merger organizations to standardize technology and processes for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

RevGen’s engagements can last from just a few weeks for an assessment to a year-long implementation. The company works closely with internal teams and other providers, and is equally at ease delivering final solutions or educating their clients to define and implement solutions themselves.

“Like Farm Credit, RevGen is a very value-driven firm, focused on respect, integrity and stewardship, so we align very well with our Farm Credit clients,” says Robert Sunker, RevGen EVP. “Within that framework, we’ve enjoyed working with our Farm Credit clients to drill down into how to make their business better and to deliver practical advice focused on delivering real value to them and their customers.”

To take advantage of RevGen’s offering, contact Heather Tseng, FCC Services Affinity Program Sales & Marketing Manager at

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