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FCC Services was established to provide professional services to Farm Credit organizations, all of which are cooperatives. Recognizing an opportunity to provide our expertise to a broader audience, in 2007 we expanded our services to agricultural cooperatives and agribusinesses, and today even further to work with other organizations that provide professional services to cooperatives in the rural energy and healthcare arenas. 

Advanced Governance Series (AGS): Introduced in 2011, AGS is a board development program designed specifically to assist directors of agricultural cooperatives raise the level of board performance. The six distinct program modules address board roles and responsibilities, financing and risk management, and strategy and human capital issues. Directors connect with subject matter experts and with their peers, and participate in experiential learning opportunities such as the Gettysburg Leadership Experience and the Lewis & Clark Experience.

Board Facilitation and Consulting: At times boards need outside facilitation and consulting relating to specific situations, such as post-merger board integration or strategic planning at the board level. We provide skilled consultation and facilitation to assist boards in navigating major change both inside and outside the boardroom. We also develop customized strategic planning summits for directors and CEOs of organizations that are addressing similar strategic issues. 

Board Evaluations: The effectiveness of the board of directors is crucial to any cooperative’s success. FCC Services offers two types of self-assessment projects that enable boards to determine how they’re performing, and where they can improve. In board evaluations, assessment questions are developed in conjunction with the board and summary results are delivered to the entire board, and we offer various levels of reporting and facilitated de-brief to enhance the development and improvement opportunities for the board. In peer assessments, each board member assesses themselves and their fellow board members on a series of competencies, and individual results are delivered privately to each board member to enable them to identify areas for improvement. In 2016, FCC Services added an Interactive Board Evaluation option, which incorporates real-time surveys and facilitated discussion.

Ag Cooperative Leadership Development Program (LDP): LDP addresses the development needs of managers and organizational leaders by creating a learning environment that links leadership development to the strategic business direction of participants’ respective cooperatives. Participants learn how to manage within a changing environment, both internally and externally, and leave having developed relevant competencies to become the organizational leaders of the future.

CEO Selection: In fulfilling their fiduciary duty, every board should take a careful and comprehensive approach to selecting a new CEO. FCC Services works with boards of directors to objectively identify preferred attributes, skills and experiences they are seeking in the right CEO. We use industry-leading skill and competency models to clarify an exact match for the board. Our sourcing networks will solicit, review and recommend candidates for consideration and we facilitate a structured interview process and board discussions to assure agreement on the right candidate. Once identified, FCC Services provides support through the offer and acceptance process. 

Succession Planning: With today’s mobile workforce, anticipated wide-scale retirements and rapidly changing business landscape, having a structured plan in place to identify and develop talent and fill key positions in your cooperative will be essential to continuing to serve your membership. FCC Services will help you identify your key roles, clarify the skills needed for success and work with you to create development plans to help prepare your team for the right roles at the right time.

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