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Signature required? Look to our Partner, OneSpan for your signature solution

In today’s fast paced and technology driven world, the convenience of signing important documents electronically is key to customers in all industries. Passkey Partner OneSpan, formerly e-SignLive, offers highly secure e-signature functionality at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

OneSpan’s enterprise solution was designed specifically for regulated industries like banking, and is used by some of the largest commercial banks in the world. Multiple layers of security and comprehensive audit trails are key factors in OneSpan’s offering.

“We undertake extensive risk assessments and have built multiple layers of behind-the-scenes security measures to protect both our clients and their customers,” says OneSpan’s Michael Pupil.

From the marketing side, OneSpan also offers the additional benefit of white-labeling, so a client’s e-signature emails are branded with their own logo rather than from the e-document service provider. This is a valuable attribute that delivers seamless communications with customers.

“Our approach is to strengthen our clients’ customer relationships, so e-signature documents are seen to come from the client, the ‘thank you’ confirmation comes from them, and the emails link back to the client’s website, rather than ours,” says Michael. “We know that Farm Credit especially builds tight relationships with its customers, and we don’t see the benefit to us or to them to insert ourselves into their e-signature process.”

While many clients use OneSpan for loan documents, it can be used in any situation where a signature is required, even something as simple as a vacation requests.

“Any time someone might pick up a pen to sign a document, they can use OneSpan instead, and in today’s world where many employees work remotely, that can really simplify and expedite processes,” Michael says.

Implementing or transitioning to OneSpan is easy, with in-house user-driven implementations taking only 48 hours and enterprise solutions integrating with a loan origination system completed as fast as six to ten weeks, depending on the level of customization.

“The OneSpan team has been extremely helpful in implementing electronic signatures. I was pleased with the system as it allowed complete customization on everything from branding to white labeling,” says Texas Farm Credit Services, which recently implemented OneSpan. “Since enacting digital signatures in early September, we have had over 200 transactions signed electronically, greatly increasing our association’s efficiency. Just last week we had a loan officer do an in-person signing in the middle of a customer’s field. Talk about customer experience!”

To take advantage of OneSpan’s special Passkey pricing – a further reduction from its already industry-low cost – contact Heather Tseng, FCC Services Affinity Program Sales & Marketing Manager at

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