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Talent Recruitment Support Providers

FCC Services’ Passkey Program has assembled a stellar group of Partners prepared to support recruitment efforts, from building a pool of potential candidates to testing assessments to background checks and more. Here are three companies working with Farm Credit associations to strengthen their recruitment efforts.

AgCareers offers a job board and resume database where Farm Credit associations can connect directly with candidates who have agribusiness experience. The company also offers custom talent sourcing and recruitment services including the option of a full-service placement model for employees of all levels. Working with Farm Credit for more than 15 years, AgCareers also provides targeted market research, and works with organizations like FFA and MANNRS to engage with the next generation of ag talent.

“We’ve just launched our custom talent sourcing service and are working with a few Farm Credit organizations to engage targeted groups of candidates that fit their needs,” says Beth Hales, Talent Solutions Director for AgCareers.


CareerBuilder provides end-to-end talent acquisition solutions to help employers find, hire and onboard great talent. Specializing in talent acquisition recruiting platforms, employment screening and human capital management, the company’s comprehensive “Hello to Hire” offering provides solutions across the entire talent acquisition process: finding talent and matching skill sets to job openings, a resume database, running candidate background checks and salary comparisons, and offering onboarding services. The company also offers job advertising packages, a service being utilized by multiple Farm Credit organizations each month.

“We offer a full range of services, whether that’s attracting candidates or streamlining internal recruitment processes with our CRM and AI solutions,” says Tom Westwater, National Account Executive, Professional Services for CareerBuilder.


The IBM Kenexa ProveIt! skills tests provide awareness to employers about exactly what skills a new hire will have when they walk in the door. Prove It! offers thousands of online skills tests, from computer programming languages, proofreading and Excel to accounting practices skills. Each test rates an individual’s skill level as basic, intermediate or advanced, and lists by topic which questions were answered incorrectly and the length of time each section took to complete.

“The Prove It! tests are reasonably priced and deliver a significant amount of information about an individual’s skill sets,” says Beth Oliphant, FCC Services Recruitment and Selection Specialist.

For more information about any of these Passkey Partners, contact Heather Tseng, Passkey Sales and Marketing Manager.

About Passkey

Powered by FCC Services and backed by a 20-year track record, Passkey leverages the collective purchasing power of cooperatives, associations, public entities and industry groups to negotiate significant discounts with national partners.

Discounts include business service solutions as well as many personal discounts available to the employees and boards of participating organizations, from car rentals and vacations to telecom services and office supplies. With no cost to participate, we invite you to join the program.

For more information about Passkey, visit our website or contact Heather Tseng, Passkey Sales and Marketing Manager at 303.903.8544.

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