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West Unified Communications Announces New Platform for Connecting Teams

As technological advances make remote collaboration ever easier, National Discount Program Partner West has just introduced a new, more powerful collaboration platform available to program Members. 

West – formerly called Intercall – has provided Farm Credit entities with audio, web, and video conferencing along with hosted voice and networking solutions for more than 10 years, offering discounted pricing and personalized service to the nearly 80 entities that use its services through the NDP. For example, West has offered Farm Credit entities IP-enabled solutions to replace traditional PRIs to offer more flexibility and save additional money, whereas traditional on-premise solutions aren’t nearly as customizable.

“We have clients from 20 to hundreds of end users and others, outside of Farm Credit, like Fortune 500 companies with well over 10,000 employees,” says Leybourne Baynes, Strategic Sales Team Lead with West. “Our scalability and flexibility means that we can deliver to every client the service and quality they’re looking for.”

West’s new platform, Spark, was launched two years ago by Cisco and is a leading-edge collaboration platform available on a subscription basis, and already available for free to Farm Credit NDP Members who have purchased WebEx. Spark incorporates video conferencing, file sharing and instant messaging with archiving so messages and message threads can be referenced.

“It’s like Cisco combined Skype and DropBox and added persistent Instant Messaging,” says West Product Specialist Jennifer Collins. 

Jennifer explains that Spark is extremely easy to set up – it takes just two to five days – and is easy to use. Users can create separate “spaces” for a team or a project, converse via IM with members, and start a video call with a single click. She also says, “There can be a culture shift when Spark is implemented, but our goal is to help and enable customers to get the full benefit of the platform, and we offer implementation services as well as training and adoption support.”  

NDP Members interested in more information about Spark can contact Leybourne Baynes at 773.867.7041 or via email at  

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