Crucial Accountability

Tools for improving expectations and performance

Crucial Accountability


In the career of every team or project leader there comes a time when a team member’s performance isn’t meeting expectations.

The good news is you can learn skills that help you diagnose why there is a gap in expectations while using motivation to strengthen accountability.

Crucial Accountability® skills help you deal with violated expectations early, discuss disappointments without encountering defensiveness, and solve accountability problems without damaging the relationship. Focused accountability is one of the few true “magic bullets” for your team’s success.

In the Crucial Accountability® Program, you will practice how to:

For new and experienced leaders and project managers who manage people and projects.

Our Crucial Accountability® Virtual Programs are designed to reach the modern learner through micro-learning modules and social learning in a virtual classroom. The live sessions are led by a certified facilitator using a platform that duplicates the instructor-led experience. Learners will watch videos, participate in discussions and practice critical skills in small groups.

Agenda (each session is 2 hours long)

Session 1: Getting Unstuck

Session 2: Master My Stories

Session 3: Describe the Gap and Make it Safe

Session 4: Understand What is Causing the Gap

Session 5: Make it Motivating & Move to Action

Participant Materials

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