Leading and Managing for Results

Increase the Skills and Contributions from Your Managers

Leading and Managing for Results


Key managers’ skills and ability to contribute

Need to engage key talent quickly? This leadership development experience is an excellent start. Designed as a customizable program, it’s typically built around two consecutive sessions, each two days in length and scheduled six to eight weeks apart. Each session covers four leadership modules and delivers practical skills that can be applied immediately. The target audience includes individual contributors and first-level managers new - to - 1-3 years in their roles.

2020 Open Enrollment Dates*

* Subject to change, as FCC Services actively monitors and assesses the COVID-19 situation

To register for the Leading and Managing for Results Open Enrollment Program, please contact Maureen McKee at Maureen.McKee@fccservices.com or 303.721.3279.

To inquire about a dedicated program for your organization, please send us an email at info@fccservices.com.

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